Does 711 Sell Headphones in 2023? Variety, Cost, FAQs

Does 711 Sell Headphones

Nothing’s better than putting on your favorite music and relaxing. In this modern era, headphones have become an essential gadget.

Whether traveling, cooking, or walking, people love listening to music. But where can you buy some quality headphones?

You do not have to go to a high-end electronics shop. Instead, opt for a more affordable option at your nearest 711.

You might be wondering, does 711 sell headphones? Well, here’s the truth!

Does 711 Sell Headphones?

Yes, 711 does sell a variety of headphones in its stores. Usually, you will find electronics in the 24/7 LIFE section.

711 carries headphones, wireless earphones, chargers, adapters, cables, and almost everything you’ll need for your smartphone. All of those items are available in the 24/7 LIFE section by 7-Eleven.

You can also order headphones online via the 7NOW mobile application. However, it is important to note that the brand variety and prices may vary from store to store.

Hence, contacting your nearby store regarding the product’s availability is best.

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Does 7/11 Sell iPhone Headphones?

Yes, you can buy iPhone headphones from some 711 stores. Note that these might not be available across all locations.

Generally, 711 does keep all iPhone products. These include adapters, cables, etc.

You can also buy Apple chargers from your nearby 711 stores. Hence, they may carry headphones for your iPhone as well.

How Much Are Headphones at 711?

Headphones can be as low as $15 or as expensive as $50 at 711 stores. It depends entirely on the brand and type. For instance, you can buy local earphones for $15.

Similarly, wired headphones are also significantly cheaper. On the other hand, wireless earphones can be quite expensive.

Even more, if you add a popular brand name to it.

Does 7/11 Sell Earphones?

Yes, earphones and earbuds are available at 711. They usually carry SMART Bluetooth earphones. In Canada, one pair can cost $29.99.

You can find the earphones in the 24/7 LIFE section. They are kept in the same aisle as all other electronics, including earbuds, sound pods, power banks, wireless charging pads, etc.

Does 711 sell Earphones

Can We Use Normal Earphones in iPhone?

Yes, you are not restricted to buying original Apple earphones for your iPhone. Instead, you can opt for any local earphones compatible with the iPhone’s port.

The same goes for Bluetooth earphones too. iPhone can be connected to any Bluetooth earbuds.

You do not need to spend a fortune on buying original and expensive headsets. However, only the models after iPhone 7 are compatible to be connected with any earphones.

Final Words

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on 711 and earphones. They do carry some quality sets for affordable prices. But, it is important to note that 711 is a convenience store.

They focus more on the lower price than quality. Therefore, you will not find high-end earphones there.

If you want a quality headset, opting for some well-known brands is best. They may also have some comparatively cheaper options. And that can be a good choice for beginners.

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